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Articles & Stories

Father of two-time Olympic Gold Medal Champ talks up his...

A Latvian timber producer runs his Wood-Mizer Industrial sawmill around the clock, much like his son’s training schedule - Maris Strombergs, a BMX star and two-time Olympic...

Brothers Operate a Mobile Sawmill Business in Northern Italy’s...

Brothers Sergio and Bruno Geronazzo have managed to uncover a unique business opportunity in their local area: using a mobile sawmill to help those who must mill timber in...

Model T Ford Club Creates Vintage Ash Wood Garage

Dan Conder kept the timeless history of Richmond, Indiana alive when he helped to build a vintage ash wood garage for the Model T Ford Club of America.

Your Dream Sawmill - A Valuable Investment - Swedish Homestead Series

Looking for a hobby that pays for itself? Simeon from Swedish Homestead shares three tips for knowing you’re making the right decision when you purchase your dream sawmill.

Sawmilling Ice for Dutch Parties and Events

The Rocks provides extravagant ice sculptures, ice blocks, catering, and more for prestigious events, clubs, restaurants, and hotels around the Netherlands.

Invest in African Timber Confidently with Wood-Mizer

Are you a successful expatriate from Africa living in Europe? Looking for investment opportunities in Africa or to start a family business back home? A Wood-Mizer sawmill can...

Great oaks from little acorns grow - Engineer uses LT40 to...

Ben Pike meets engineer-turned-carpenter Paul Grainger who has spent 20 years building a thriving business with a Wood-Mizer LT40 at the heart of the operation.

Wood-Mizer’s new twin rail LX450 sawmill transforms a sawmill in...

A Wood-Mizer LX450 twin rail sawmill in South Africa helps increase the company’s output more than expected.

Family tree farm reaping rewards of sustainable forest management...

Marco, Mario, and Mara run one of the largest private sustainable hardwood plantations in the Philippines, MARSSE Tropical Timber, promoting sustainable timber and modern...

Turning illegally-logged timber into 146,000 school desks

How the Philippines developed a plan to salvage illegally-logged timber that was left rotting after being apprehended by authorities, using the valuable timber to produce...


Welcome to the stories and articles section of our website.

Here you will discover how Wood-Mizer sawmill owners worldwide are actively growing local economies by processing wood more sustainably and profitably. 

I invite you to contact me for any questions about these articles. 

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